About TEMM

”In cases of defense ’tis best to weigh
The enemy more mighty than he seems”

W. Shakespeare, Henry V, Act 2, Scene 3, Page 5

Welcome to the website for the one time vampire larp The Enemy More Mighty!

Here, you’ll find information about everything from dates, locations and sign-ups, to food, dresscode and characters. Use the links at the top of the screen to navigate the page.

The LARP is hosted by the LARP group Stockholm by Night, which vampire campaign has been running since 2003. The setting is based on old White Wolf’s (nowadays, Paradox Interactive’s) Vampire the Masquerade revised (3rd edition), but you don’t need any previous knowledge of the game to participate.

The setting of the LARP is that a group of extremely old vampires have gathered in Stockholm to discuss politics, by invitation from the local prince, her grace di Borgia. In their entourages are very young vampires, whose task it is to tend to the elder vampires every need.
But while the old discuss politics, the young gets to come out to play. All of them has therefore been invited to a big party by di Borgia’s personal servant, a huge honor, and of course – a chance to live it up, sabotage for the others, sell people out, blackmail, find lovers, backstab and much, much more.
These young vampires are the characters our participants will play.