Available groups and characters

Please note: the below mentioned elders will NOT be in play.
This is a LARP about neonates, not their rulers.

Note also: our ordinary players will play their ordinary characters,
while new players will be given a character by the GM’s.

And note! The below names are rather gender binary/conformist, but that is purely due to character writing mechanics. Should you prefer to play a character with a different gender identity, there is of course no problem what so ever to do so, and if so, choose a name of your own. The only thing we ask in that case, is that you try to choose a name that is as reminiscent of the ones already given as possible.


The setting of the LARP is that a group of extremely old vampires have gathered in Stockholm to discuss politics, by invitation from the local prince, her grace di Borgia. In their entourages are very young vampires, whose task it is to tend to the elder vampires every need.
But while the old discuss politics, the young gets to come out to play. All of them has therefore been invited to a big party by di Borgia’s personal servant, a huge honor, and of course – a chance to live it up, sabotage for the others, sell people out, blackmail, find lovers, backstab and much, much more.
These young vampires are the characters our participants will play. 

Her Grace Anastasia di Silvestri di Borgia, Clan Toreador, Camarilla (no available characters)

For the second time in a century, her grace di Borgia is hosting the meeting of the ancients. As it seems, this has never happened before, and the community is abuzz with speculations as to why this has changed. Di Borgia is said to be a level-headed elder with a finger in more or less every pie, who somehow manages to inspire a fierce loyalty and willing sacrifice in her subjects.

The members of di Borgia’s coterie are young, but disproportionately powerful. Many believe that the reason for their strength is her grace’s permissive management style, where even the youngest are allowed the chance to prove themselves in society’s most powerful positions. Should they succeed, they enjoy every benefit and duty that comes with their authority, but should they fail, the consequences are crushing. The members of her coterie has repeatedly been allowed the honor to hunt down and kill – and sometimes devour – those who have been judged, which has led to a city filled with proactive, cunning and unyielding kindred, with a strong mind, a stronger will and the skills to use them.


Followers to the Coterie of Don Alejandro del Corazon Negro, Archbishop of Barcelona, Lasombra, Sabbat

Don Alejandro. Larger than life, larger than death. It is impossible not to have heard about don Alejandro, but whether that is due to the fact that he is said to mercilessly kill each and every member of his coterie after each elder meeting, or if it is because of his astounding prowess and command over darkness and shadows is anyone’s guess.

What everyone does know is that the members of don Alejandro’s coterie always change. One or two might show up more than once, but more often than not, the Barcelonian kindred attend the meetings with a noticeable disadvantage compared to the others. Not that they’re letting such a petty thing stop them – should they be faced with a challenge, they’ll beat, fuck, smooth-talk, trick or bully it into submission, and they seem to thrive on adversity. This attitude is something they share willingly and freely, as much amongst themselves as amongst others. Why fix something that isn’t broken, when you can just smash the nose of the closest dimwit who’s brave enough – or stupid enough – to voice their opinion?

  • Bruno/Briana Martínez
  • Juan/Juana Bienvenida
  • Julio/Juliana Ruiz
  • Felipe/Felipa Garrido
  • Óscar/Carla Magrina
  • Emilio/Emilia Rodríguez
  • Salvador/Serena Águila
  • Cristóbal/Carolina Pliego
  • Ernesto/Estella Carballar
  • Pablo/Paola Cadaval
  • Samuel/Sofia Ferrant
  • Santiago/Stephanie Muñoz


Followers to the Coterie of the Brujah Prince Christian of Denmark, Camarilla

Christian is known as a comparatively benevolent ruler with strong ideals, offering outcasts and weak-blooded individuals a sort of sanctuary – for a price – in his impressive domain. Some say this makes him a saint with unexpected surprises up his sleeve, others that it makes him pathetic and powerless.

Christian is rumored to appreciate the finer things in life, be it culture, mind-altering substances or decadent sex acts. Whether these rumors is true or not, it is mirrored in his followers. The kindred of this coterie are explosive, hedonistic and, like their prince, idealistic. The majority holds to the thought that the Camarilla and its hierarchy is a necessary evil rather than something virtuous to uphold, and they have been known to clash with more faithful Camarilla members, such as those in Pontifex McHammond’s coterie. That being said, they are more Camarilla than they are Sabbat, and they’ve never been seen to hesitate when it comes to making their allegiances known, should they be questioned.

  • Julianne/Julian Fischer
  • Connie/Conrad Damsgaard
  • Katarina/Karl Asmussen
  • Anne-Marie/Age Munk
  • Aleksy/Aleksia Glodek
  • Remes/Rema Anastos
  • Oleksej/Oleksa Zayets
  • Jordan Fraye
  • Martina/Martin Andersson
  • Kjersti/Kaare Bertilsen
  • Joonas/Jessika Lehtinen
  • Alli/Aimo Kuusela


Followers to the Coterie of Ana-Lee McHammond, Tremere Pontifex of Ireland, Camarilla

Pontifex McHammond is said to be the absolute opposite of Prince Christian. She is indomitable, archaic, dignified and repressed, and rules her clan members with a firm – sometimes cruel – hand. A single word of praise from her is for many worth a thousand accolades.

The members of McHammond’s coterie are known to stumble over their own feet in their efforts to remake themselves into her image. Outwardly, each and every member is a picture of politeness and manners, and you’d be hard pressed to find something to fault them for. For the casual onlooker, they are a homogeneous, grey mass with no will of their own, but for anyone taking a closer glance, they are a seething throng of double-crosses, back-stabbings and power-grabbing, all in the name of the clan and the Camarilla. Few dare challenge the members of clan Tremere, and even fewer dare to do so to the members of McHammond’s coterie. They are, however, usually not particularly impressive physical specimens, but instead gets their strength from their often notable mental abilities.

  • Mick/Mary O’Connell
  • Kieran/Ciara Shanahan
  • Johan/Johanna Hardestadt
  • Josephine Carlton
  • Sheila/Shawn Curren
  • Valencia/Valence Simões
  • Bernadette/Bernard Vidal
  • Henri/Natalie Sardou
  • Sylvaine/Christophe Larousse
  • Viggo/Vera Dahl
  • Kristine/Klaus Knudsen
  • Salomon/Silja Heiskanen


Followers to the Coterie of Don Marco Minoza Chiapetti Giovanni, Clan Giovanni, Independent

Don Giovanni has made himself known for being shrewd, ruthless and utterly, utterly cold. For a kindred whose speciality it is to command the spirits of the dead, that might not be surprising, but even those stoutest of heart find themselves uncomfortable in the presence of Marco Giovanni.

The Giovanni defend their family with the same devotion and eagerness as the most dedicated Tremere. The clan members – and thus also family members – of don Giovanni display an unexpected variety of personalities and skills. While they all share in some of their ruler’s disquieting air, they seem to represent everything from bon vivants via brutes and scholars to heartless murderers. While one could think that this would enable them to blend in where ever they are, they are more often regarded warily by other coteries and clans. Like their don, their strength lies in death and apparitions, and this doesn’t sit well with a lot of kindred, despite the fact that we’re all undead monsters. That doesn’t mean that one can’t do business, though…

  • Davide/Delmina Giovanni
  • Silvestro/Silvana Giovanni
  • Nicola/Nicoletta Giovanni
  • Nicodemo/Viola Giovanni
  • Napoleone/Patrizia Giovanni
  • Tolomeo/Teresa Giovanni
  • Emilio/Emilia Giovanni
  • Mariano/Mariana Giovanni
  • Anastasio/Anastasia Giovanni
  • Gabriel/Gabriella Giovanni
  • Emanuel/Emanuela Giovanni
  • Lisandro/Alesandra Giovanni


Followers to the coterie of Hadassah Tamar Sarfati, Leopards of Zion, Silsila of clan Assamite, Independent

Little is known about Silsila Sarfati. She is the latest addition to the immensely powerful elder coterie, and this is the first time she has been invited to one of the meetings. She is claimed to be a soldier more than anything, a tremendously charismatic general in charge of fanatical troops, with as much blood on her hands as on her swords.

Almost everything one has heard about the Silsila’s coterie members is hearsay. The Assamite clan is by nature a close-lipped, secretive organization, and for many of the present kindred, this will be the first (and maybe only) time they will ever lay eyes on one of them. The rumours about the coterie members range from describing them as barely humanoid, with glowing red eyes and fangs dripping poison, to conceited and inflated has-beens, getting on by bluffing and retelling deeds past. Nevertheless, even the elders are vigilant when it comes to clan Assamite – no one can be certain there hasn’t literally been put a price on their head, and that the ghostly assassins are out to get them.

  • Frank/Franciska Trommler
  • Mike/Mikaela Hahn
  • Samoel/Samara ben Zaken
  • Mathe/Mathea Katz
  • Ilias/Ilia Avraham
  • Robert/Roberta Wexler
  • Gavriel/Gavriela Tayeb
  • Patrick/Patricia Kaufmann
  • Marcel/Marcella Abend
  • Abel/Adah Mizrahi
  • Alexander/Alexandra Müller
  • Phineas/Pazia Dahan