(Will be updated continuously)

Date, fee and location of The Enemy More Mighty (TEMM)?

22 of September, 2018. Entry from 15.00. Introduction at 17.00. In-game at 18.00-19.00. Last order at 00.30. Fee: 300 SEK for non-members (includes food and a membership for the remainder of 2018 + free attendance of the remaining regular LARPS of 2018). 150 SEK for members, including food. Last payment date: 31th of July, 2018.

Is there an age limit?

Yes. You need to be at least 18 and considered an adult to participate. The reason is there’ll be a focus on various themes which might not be suitable for minors.

Will TEMM be played in English?

No. The LARP will generally be played in Swedish, but since we will have participants whose first language isn’t Swedish, we’ve chosen to present all the necessary information in English. That also means some characters at TEMM will only speak English.

Where do I sign up?


Sign-up closes at 31th of July 2018. Until then, you can unregister and be refunded your fee. After that, you’re still liable to pay the fee, regardless if you’re attending the LARP or not. Should you be able to procure someone to replace you and shoulder the responsibility for your fee, that’s fine too.

What is a LARP?

LARP is short for Live Action Roleplaying. In Swedish, it’s simply named ”live” (or the Swedish ”lajv”). In short, it is like enacting a movie or a play, but without a script. You are given a setting by the organizers (World of Darkness, Stockholm, big meeting of elders and their minions), and then you act and react within that setting as your character would.

What about characters?

Every player has a character in a LARP. Your character will be written and given to you by the organizers, in accordance to the wishes you made when registering. We will include things such as personality, background, enemies and alliances, to give you a platform to act from. Anything that happens during the LARP happens to your character, not to you as a player, and thus you need to react as your character would, not as you would yourself. This is, after all, a game, where we’re all actors.

What is the World of Darkness?

It is a fictive universe created by the company White Wolf (and nowadays maintained and developed by Paradox Interactive), which in most things is exactly like our own, only far, far darker and more terrible. The violence is harsher, the drugs flow more freely, the corruption is more widespread, and finding a dead body in your stairwell isn’t such a shocker anymore. Terrible, yes, but not so unusual.

Do I need to know stuff about World of Darkness to participate?

Not really. We will update this site with the information you need to know, including a small phrasebook (see Rules). Beyond that, just imagine things to be far worse than you know them.

What if someone does or says something I find uncomfortable?

It should be noted that this is a game designed specifically to circle around uncomfortable matters. Racism, sexism, other -isms and various phobias exist and might come in play. There will be violence, alcohol, ”drugs” and many other things that in other cases might warrant a trigger warning. It is up to you to react according to your character, and if these things are sensitive to you, this might not be an appropriate LARP for you to attend.

However. We do NOT allow discrimination or oppression between players based on appearance, background, ethnicity, religion, gender, sexuality or anything else. Any such things should be completely between characters and based on the character you see in front of you, or know of from beforehand, not the player. 
With this said, we are concerned about our players’ wellbeing out of play. Therefore, we use safety words (see also under Rules): Kutt and Brems. Please use them!
Kutt = completely interrupts the scene or the game to make sure everyone involved is feeling alright. If not, aid is summoned, whether it’s an ambulance, the police, or simply your best pal. Often used in cases of physical injury, psychological breakdowns, severe allergy attacks and the like.
Brems = calms any given scene down. Do you feel too crowded? Brems. Is someone too threatening? Brems. Is someone touching you when you don’t want to be touched? Brems. Don’t hestitate to use this more than once, until you as a player feel comfortable with a scene. Note: this is not a way to escape the consequences of your character’s actions, but a way to make sure you as a player feel okay with what’s going on.

What kind of food will be served?

We’re working together with the brewery to ensure options for both vegetarians and carnivores. As of now, it’ll most likely be in buffet form.

Will you be serving alcohol?

Yes and no. Participants will have the possibility to buy alcohol directly from the brewery pub, but the organizers will not serve alcohol as part of the event. There will of course be non-alcoholic options available.
If someone behaves poorly due to intoxication (or for any other reason), and refuse to correct their behavior even when told to, they will be dismissed from the LARP.