Disciplines and signs


This a discipline that brings the vampire closer to their animalistic nature. This not only allows them to communicate with and gain dominance over creatures of nature, but gives them influence over the Beast itself.

You can read more about animalism here.

How to use at larp:
This discipline does not have any signs on the lower levels (since you are not allowed to bring pets).  To use Quell the Beast (Animalism lvl 3) there are two ways.

To bring someone out of frenzy you need to touch them, and say Animalism.
To make someone apathetic and hinder them to use their willpower you need to look into their eyes, and say Animalism. The kindred will be affected until the end of the scene.



The kindred can heighten their senses to superhuman level with this ability. Want to listen to a person on the other side of the room? No problem. Do you want to smell to see if you can find traces of a certain perfume in a room? Go ahead! On higher levels you can read other people auras, get a feeling on objects used with strong emotion and even read minds.

You can also use auspex to see someone who’s hiding with the Obfuscate Discipline. You need the same level of Auspex or above, to be able to see them (someone with auspex 2 can see someone in obfuscate 1 and 2, someone with auspex 3 in obfuscate 1, 2 and 3, and so on). However they will not do so automatically, and actually have to search a room to be able to see them.

You can read more about auspex here.

How to use at larp:

rptAuspex 1, Heightened Senses, you simply use by placing one finger on you ear for listening, eye for better sight, mouth for taste and so on. If you want to listen in on a conversation on the other side of the room, you simply place your index finger at your ear and walk over to listen in on the conversation. The finger on the ear shows the people around that you actually are not there. Beware though, if someone make a load sound like clapping hands or shouting, you will hurt your eardrums badly and probably give off sounds of pain.


38531504_2143422705926416_1374120141486292992_nAuspex 2, Aura Perception, you can use to actually found out someones, at the time, strongest feeling. You simply place two fingers at your eye and watch your victim closely. Then you discretley take them aside, and ask them offgame what their characters strongest feeling at the time where. If the reader are very empatic this can even be used to tell if someone is lying to you, just be aware that it’s not a lie detector and it’s easy to misinterpret the feelings of the other if you do not know them well. This disciplin is not very discret though, it’s very likely that the one you try to read will caught you stearing at them.


The Embrace gifts some vampires with startling speed and reflexes. They can use Celerity to move with amazing swiftness in times of stress. Mortals, and even Kindred lacking this Discipline, move as if in slow motion compared to the astonishing blur the vampire becomes.

You can read more about celerity here.

How to use at larp:

Unfortunatly there is quite hard to use celerity during the larp, in unstaged scenes. If your character has celerity and are about to get into a fight, talk the fight over beforehand with your fellow larper(s) and a Game master. The ability will be considered when we discuss the outcome of the fight.



Dementation is a clan disciplin of clan malkavian and are seldom seen outside the clan. It allows the vampire to channel madness, focus it, and pour it into the minds of those around them. The practitioner of Dementation need not actually be mad themself – at least initially – although madness seems to grant a certain insight into the key tenets of this Discipline. Few vampires ask the Malkavians to teach them this Discipline, although the Lunatics are almost always eager to ”enlighten” others. In fact, some say that one cannot learn the secrets of Dementation without eventually going mad.

You can read more about dementation here.

How to use at larp:

rptnbDementetion 1, Passion Up/Down, will allow the user to inhance or subdue the strongest feeling their victim feels at the time, for one scene. The victim will afterwards rationalize and come up with excuses to why they felt so strongly, or lack thereof.

To raise emotion, hold your palm upwards and raise it slightly. To weaken an emotion, you hold your palm towards the floor and move it down.



rptnbDementation 2, The Haunting, stirs the sensory centers of his victim’s brain, flooding the victim’s senses with visions, sounds, scents or feelings that aren’t really there. The images, regardless of the sense to which they appeal, are only fleeting ”glimpses,” barely perceptible to the victim. The vampire using Dementation cannot control what the victim perceives, but may choose which sense is affected.

Simply place two fingers a couple of cm away from the temple and slowly stir them in a circular motion. The effect lasts for one scene.



This Discipline involves influencing the very thoughts and actions of others through the vampire’s own force of will. Use of Dominate requires that the Kindred capture his victim’s eye; as such, it may be used against only one subject at a time. The extent of this control depends on the particular power being applied.

You can read more about dominate here.

How to use at larp:

cofDominate 1, Command, allows the user to force a person do as they command. However, the user are restricted to one word only. They can for example order the victim to ”go”, ”jump”, ”smile” etc.

In larp you put one finger against your temple and give the one word command in a language the victim understand.
Dominate 2, Mezmerize, allows the user to give more comlicated commands. If the user are tactic they can wrap their words so the command won’t be as easy to spot afterwards (ex. ”I am so hungry… won’t you be a darling and go buy me a glass of blood?”, ”I can’t believe they did that to you. You should give them a piece of your mind!”). They can also be very direct about it, which would probably make people question what exactly happened (ex ”drink my blood”, ”go over to your best friend and flip them off” etc).

However, no matter how strong the Kindred’s will, their command cannot force the subject to harm themself directly or defy their Nature.

In larp you put two fingers against your temple and give the command in a language the victim understand.

cofDominate 3, The Forgetful Mind, allows the user to alter their victims memories. After capturing the subject’s gaze, the vampire delves into the subject’s memories, stealing or re-creating them at their whim. The Forgetful Mind does not allow for telepathic contact; the Kindred operates much like a hypnotist, asking directed questions and drawing out answers from the subject. The user can also give directions and make the victim forget that they ever had the conversation (ex. When someone claps their hand you will walk up to the closest brujah and slap them. You will not remember that you and I had this Therconversation”).

In larp you put three fingers against your temple and give the command in a language the victim understand.



All vampires possess a preternatural constitution that makes most normal damage inconsequential. Fortitude bestows a resilience and vigor far beyond even normal vampiric toughness. Kindred with this power ignore the mightiest punches and barely feel hails of bullets. This Discipline also helps protect against sources of damage even vampires fear, such as sunlight, fire and terminal falls.

You can read more about fortitude here.

How to use at larp:

There are no signs for fortitude, instead you have to rely on good, old fashin acting. If your character has fortitude and are about to get into a fight, talk the fight over beforehand with your fellow larper(s) and a Game master. The ability will be considered when we discuss the outcome of the fight.



This uncanny power enables Kindred to conceal themselves from others’ sight. By simply wishing to remain unseen, a vampire can disappear, even if he stands in full view of a crowd. The immortal doesn’t actually become invisible; he simply deludes any observers into thinking he has vanished, and therefore can be viewd at cameras afterwards. Additional uses of Obfuscate include changing the Kindred’s features and concealing objects.

People will try to avoid you, since even though they do not notice you, they register your presence on some level. For example they would rather stand up, than sit down on a chair used by someone in obfuscate, or move around you while passing without anyone thinking twice about it. However, the Auspex Discipline enables Kindred to see through Obfuscate, even though that is not guaranteed.

You can read more about obfuscate here.

How to use at larp:

cofObfuscate 1, Cloak of Shadows, allows the user to keep themself hidden among the shadows, as long as they do not move. They can also hide objects, for example guns, in ”plain sight”. If you use obfuscate 1 to the later, the simpliest way is to use place a note on it, stating that it’s hidden with obfuscate 1.

To hide with Obfuscate 1, simply place yourself where you do not draw attention towards yourself, cross your arms over your chest and hold up one finger (on one or both hands). This ability will however not give you the ability to dissapear in plain sight; To become unnoticed you need to get out of sight, if only for a second.

Obfuscate 2, Unseen Presence, allows you to move around unseen, as long as you do not interact with your surrounding. If you for example open a door or grab someone you will once again be seen. This ability will however not give you the ability to dissapear in plain sight; To become unnoticed you need to get out of sight, if only for a second.

To use Obfuscate 2, you simply crosses your arms over your chest and hold up two fingers (on one or two hands).

rptnbObfuscate 3, Mask of thousand faces, allows the user to change their apperance. This is mostly used by clan Nosferatu who, due to their monstous apperance, otherwise would be unable to move among humans without causing a scene. This ability can also be used to move around unnoticed, just as with Obfuscate 2, but will be even harder to notice (simply use three fingers instead of two).

A Nosferatu (for example) using Mask of thousand faces at the larp could come dressed as a normal person, without the monstrous make up. If someone for a short while want to be seen with another face, you can simply place your index finger on your chin, and give a short describtion how your character looks. If you want to inpersonate another character you can also talk to the player in question, asking them to portrait your character portraing their character.



The Obtenebration Discipline grants its users power over darkness. The precise nature of the ”darkness” invoked is a matter of debate among the Keepers. Some believe it to be shadows, while others, perhaps more correctly, believe the power grants a Kindred control over the stuff of her soul, allowing her to coax it tangibly forth.

In any event, the effects of Obtenebration are terrifying, as waves of enveloping blackness roil out from the vampire, washing over their targets like an infernal tide. Blatant uses of this power are obvious breaches of the Masquerade – of course, as Obtenebration is proprietary to the Sabbat, any Camarilla neonate or ancilla caught using the Discipline had better have an impeccable explanation.

You can read more about Obtenebration here.

How to use at larp:

Unfortunatly there is quite hard to use obtenebration during the larp, in unstaged scenes. If your character has obtenebration and are about to get into a fight, talk the fight over beforehand with your fellow larper(s) and a Game master. The ability will be considered when we discuss the outcome of the fight.



Just as there are different styles of conventional blood sorcery, there are a variety of Necromancy practices. It is primarily practised by the Giovanni clan, and they guard their secrets obsessively. The disciplin are mostly unknown to outsiders, who often just heard rumours they dismissed as false and exhagerated.

You can read more about necromancy here.

How to use at larp:

Those characters with the Necromancy Disciplin will get more information from the Gamemasters.



Vampires endowed with this Discipline possess preternatural strength. Potence enables vampires to leap tremendous distances, lift massive weights and strike opponents with terrifying force. Even the lowest ranks of this power gift the Kindred with physical might beyond mortal bounds.

You can read more about Potence here.

How to use at larp:

There are no signs for potence, instead you have to rely on good, old fashin acting, togheter with verbal directives. For example if your character has potence and you are about to hold another person down, you simply say Potence [and what level you have], and they have to act on it.



This is the Discipline of supernatural attraction. Presence is notable since, unlike virtually all other Disciplines, some of its powers can be used on entire crowds at a time. The vampire may bring large groups under her sway, so long as her face is visible to those she wishes to affect – Presence doesn’t even require eye contact.

The major drawback of Presence is that it controls only the emotions. It causes others to feel a certain way toward the vampire, but does not give her outright control over them. While people weigh strongly the orders that the vampire declares, their minds are still their own.

How to use at larp:

cofPresence 1, Awe, amplifies the sublime magnetism this Discipline gives the vampire. Those near the vampire suddenly desire to be closer to her and are very receptive to her point of view. Awe is extremely useful for mass communication.Presence 1 will affect everyone in the room and/or those who can the the vampire.

To use it, throw up your hand in the air, and step hard in the floor at the same time.



Presence 2, Dread Gaze, engenders unbearable terror in its victims, stupefying them into madness, immobility or reckless flight. Even the most stalwart individual will fall back from the vampire’s horrific visage.

To use it, lift your hands up to the level of your head and form your fingers as ”claws”. At the same time, show your teeth and hiss loadly.



cofPresence 3, Entrancement, is the power to bend others’ emotions to see the user in a more favorable light. How much the victim will be affect depends on their attitude to the user from the beginning. Are the user well likes since before, the effect can be something like love. Even if the victim dislike the user, the victim will have a more friendly attitude towards the user. It can also turn to some kind of obsession of the user. This effect last one scene.

Let the back of your hand almost caress your face in an backwards movement.



Protean is Gangrel’s best kept secret; it’s a mysterious discipline focusing on the beast, survival in the wild and partial, or complete shape shifts.

Protean 1 Eyes of the Beast
This power turns the vampire’s eyes glowing red and allows them to see in darkness.
There is no sign for this, so communicate your intentions.

Feral Claws

Protean 2 Feral Claws
Turns the Kindred’s hands into murderous claws. Make no mistake, these claws are used solely to kill or maim the denizens of the night, as the claws deal supernatural damage.
The sign for this is making claws with your hands, while they’re carried low, with palms facing your body. Make a show out of it, so that there is no mistaking what’s happening.

Protean 3 Earthmeld
The vampire’s body melds into the earth, providing relative safety and hides it from the sun. There is no sign for this, so communicate your intentions.


Quietus 1 Silence of Death
Makes the area around the vampire totally silent. No sound can escape the area.
The sign for this level of Quietus is putting a finger atop of your pursed lips, like you’re attempting to hush.

Quietus 2 Scorpion’s Touch
This level creates a debilitating poison that drains the resilience from the kindreds target. The poison can make a mortal succumb from diseases or put a vampire into a state of torpor (coma). The poison can be spat, smeared on a target or be applied to a weapon.
There is no sign for this, so communicate your intentions.

Quietus 3 Dagons Call
This power is insidious – the Assamite touches the target and within an hour, the assassin can make the target’s blood vessels burst from within. The Assamite does not have to be in eyesight or in the presence of the target when activating the ability.
No sign, so we encourage you talking to the intended target beforehand.


Vicissitude 1 Malleable visage
A kindred with this power may alter their own bodily parameters: height, build, voice, facial features, hair and skin tone, among other things. Such changes are cosmetic and minor in scope; no more than a foot of height can be gained or lost, for example. You must physically mold the alteration, literally shaping your flesh into the desired result.
There is no sign for this, so communicate your intentions.

Vicissitude 2 Transmogrify the mortal clay
This power is a lot like the first step, but it allows for grotesque alterations, not only on yourself, but on others as well. However, only fat, muscles and cartilage can be altered at this point. In order for the vampire to use this discipline, you have to touch the victim.
No sign, we encourage talking to your victim!

Viscissitude 3 Rend the Osseus frame
This terrible power allows a vampire to manipulate bone in the same manner that he shapes flesh. In conjunction with Transmogrify the Mortal Clay, this power enables the Cainite to warp a victim (or oneself) beyond recognition. When used alone, it can inflict traumatic injury and is extremely painful!
No sign, we encourage talking to your victim!

Thaumaturgy (a small sample of existing powers)

None of the powers below have signs and are, in various degrees, hard to act out. Talk to the participants you wish to include/affect/murder/maim/hug with these powers.

Thaumaturgy – Path of Blood
PoB 1 A Taste for Blood
This power was developed as a means of testing a foe’s might – an extremely important ability in the tumultuous early nights of Clan Tremere. By tasting the blood of their subject, the thaumaturge may determine how much vitae remains in the subject and, if the subject is a vampire, how recently they’ve fed, their approximate generation and whether they’ve recently committed the horrific crime of diablerie (the drinking of another vampire’s soul)

PoB 2 Blood Rage
This power allows a vampire to force another Kindred to expend blood against their will. The thaumaturge must touch their subject for this power to work, though only the lightest contact is necessary. A vampire affected by this power might feel a physical rush as the thaumaturge heightens their Physical Attributes, or may even find himself on the brink of frenzy as their stores of vitae are mystically depleted.

PoB 3 Blood of Potency
The thaumaturge gains such control over their own blood that they may effectively ”concentrate” it, making it more powerful for a short time. In effect, they may temporarily lower their own generation with this power. This power may be used only once per night.


Thaumaturgy, Movement of the Mind
This path gives the thaumaturge the ability to move objects through telekinesis, through the mystic power of blood. At higher levels, even flight is possible (but be careful who sees you…). Objects under the character’s control may be manipulated as if they held them – they may be lifted, spun, juggled, or even ”thrown,” though creating enough force to inflict actual damage requires mastery of the fourth level or greater. Some thaumaturges skilled in this path even use it to guard their havens, animated swords, axes, and firearms to ward off intruders.
This path may frighten and disconcert onlookers. Many people are quite put off when the pages of a book turn by themselves!

• Up to 20 kg
•• Up to 50 kg
••• Up to 125 kg


Thaumaturgy, Green path
GP 1 Herbal Wisdom
With but a touch, a vampire can commune with the spirit of a plant. Conversations held in this manner are often cryptic but rewarding – the wisdom and experience of the spirits of some trees surpasses that of the oracles of legend. Crabgrass, on the other hand, rarely has much insight to offer, but might reveal the face of the last person who trod upon it.

GP 2 Speed the Season’s Passing
This power allows a thaumaturge to accelerate a plant’s growth, causing roses to bloom in a matter of minutes or trees to shoot up from saplings overnight. Alternately, they can speed a plant’s death and decay, withering grass and crumbling wooden stakes with but a touch.

GP3 Dance of the vines
The thaumaturge can animate a mass of vegetation up to their own size, using it for utilitarian or combat purposes with equal ease. Leaves can walk along a desktop, ivy can act as a scribe, and jungle creepers can strangle opponents. Intruders should beware of Tremere workshops that harbor potted rowan saplings.



All pictures are taken by Egle Zioma.