Larping techniques and signs

As we larp, we use different signs to show that we use various abilities we are unable to do out of character. This is called MET – Minds eyes theater. On this page you will be able to read about the different signs we use for supernatural disciplines (abilities), and other signs we use during the game.

Note: If you for some reason are unable to learn the disciplines and/or signs – do not worry! At this larp we aim to be an open and welcome group, and acting is more important than rules and technicalities. If you are unsure about what a certain discipline or sign does, feel free to discreetly ask the person who is using it against you.



Click the link above to see pictures and explanations of the discipline signs.



cofcofIf you want to portray that your character speaks another language than Swedish or English, you hold your fingers in the form of the letter L towards your mouth, say what language you want to spaek in and then speak as you usually would. People who are listening in will not understand what you are saying, if their characters does not speak the language.



Off gamecofThese signs are used if you for some
reason need to be off-game.

The picture to the left is excellent if you quickly need to leave or pass a room.

The sign to the right is for situations when you need to be more discreet, for example if you need a clarification OFF-GAME.




All pictures are taken by Egle Zioma.